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It all began in 1978...
(...) I do not remember if I had at the time some pocket money or if my father paid, but the invoice attests it: I bought on July 18 at the “Continent” superstore a "Zenit E" with it's standard lens "Helios 44-2".
In the user's manual was the list of the lenses made for Zenit, and the idea of collecting them was born...
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My name is Thierry HACQUARD, I was born in 1959, and I have a technician diploma in photography.
see here my "CV"

This site is not that of a museum, so do not be surprised, rather than find a detailed data sheet for my toys (some exist), often to find their little story.

Zenit E Cameras and lenses from former USSR

Most of my collection comes from there. Initially, I collected the lenses then the collection has expanded to cameras..

Praktica Cameras and lenses from former GDR

Initially my first bayonet cameras, plus a few others arrived there by chance..

Pentax The Japanese (and Korean)

The Pentax, around my first Spotmatic. And others, arrived there at random of the opportunities.
... And the digital cameras I actually use.

Kiev Vega The 16mm

Rather than disperse them in "national" pages , I grouped the subminiature cameras that use 16mm film. So there is a French, Japanese, Soviets.

Kodak The others

(western)Germans, American, Franco-Anglo-Swiss, Chinese.

Cuve de développement Accessories

It looks like a carryall? there are some too...


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