Tair 3 PhS - PhotoSniper

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Tair 3 PhS 4.5/300mm Photosniper kit bought for 1286f on november 2nd, 1983.

Tair PhS
Nice toy! When it is adjusted on it's butt, the aluminium knob is used for focusing. Praktical. The lever on the right releases the shutting of the diaphragm to the preset value. It would be allright if it's noise didn't sound like the one of a Kalashnikov gun; if you want to shoot an animal, at the best you get it's back!

Valise Photosniper

The metal case of the Photosniper holds: the lens with the dissassembled butt, and inside the cover:five 72mm diameter filters (UV, Yellow 1.4x, Yellow 2x, orange, yellow-green. A Helios 44-2 lens under a protecting lid, a back lens cover, two screwdrivers,two 135 cartridge holders. The metal cap covering the filters can be used as a lens cap if you remove the rubber lens hood . The Zenit ES, normally screwed onto the lens, is missing on the photo.

PhotosniperOn this photo, there is a Praktica B200 in place of the Zenit ES; for that I modified the butt without damaging any part. The "finger" used to release the shutter through the Zenit baseplate is removed, and the release cable takes it's place, with the help of a drop of cyanoacrylate cement. The release cable I found is adjustable, I have to make trials before setting the film: the diaphragm must close before the release of the shutter, with a gap to let the camera (in automatic mode) do the light-metering (the B200 needs 1/2 to 1 second for metering at taking aperture).The photosniper is now adapted to use on a Canon EOS Camera; visit the DIY pages to see the modifying.