Adaptation of the Photosniper for a Canon EOS

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Photosniper Eos 400DIn the past I had modified the grip of the Photosniper to adapt it for another body than the Zenit ES: I dismantled the device for releasing the shutter through the sole, to replace it with a release cable. To switch to digital, I had to make a new adaptation: the EOS no more uses a cable, but an electric two positions remote.
Same method than for classic cameras: making an adjustment without any damage to original rifle. So I simply withdrew my release cable, and installed two microswitches and an electric wire.

Photosniper B200A Praktica B200 mounted on the Photosniper; the release cable could be adjusted according to the used camera.

Démontage de la crosseThe removed items: the support on which adapts the base of Zenit ES, and the finger for shutter release. The electrical remote cord comes out from their place. I indicated by arrows the screws to remove to open the grip.

MicroswitchesThe two microswitches come from an out-of-order DVD player. The one on the left, short stroke, is for the shutter release, the other to activate the camera. The cord comes from a headset for mobile phone (1 € at Auchan Avignon!) The release switch is in place of the earphone, the other in place of the mike (the grounds mut be wired in common, I had to modify this pre-assembly).

Switches en placeThe switches in place: the right one is stuck with thick double-side tape, the left one on a small plastic block. Do not forget the knot on the wire, to avoid uprooting!

Gâchette en placeThe trigger in place: the right switch is just in contact, to activate the camera when you just touch the trigger. The "finger" for the diaphragm must be adjusted to close it before the release of the shutter.

Détail branchementBague M42-EOS
I left the entire length of wire, then I wind it so that it does not catch...
I use an adaptor ring equipped with an "identification chip". Specially programmed to my request by my supplier on eBay (happypagehk), it will display in the EXIF data of the picture the use of a 300mm lens; with rings fitted with such a "chip", the bodies see an AF lens in manual mode, and I can benefit of the assisted autofocus: the camera "bips" and the concerned sensor lits when the focus is found

Photosniper EOS 5DAdaptateur
Next step: adapting to the EOS 5D, the remote plug is not the same, I ordered in Hong-kong for a cheap remote control from which I cut the wire, to make an adapter cable by mounting a 2.5 female jack.

Rallonge d'occulaireThe Zenit ES is equipped with a lengthened eyesight to make the aiming easier. By CANON exists an eyepiece extender (ref. EP-EX15) which sets between the housing and eyepiece. The lens in it has the disadvantage of producing a smaller view, it is tolerable on a 24x36 camera like my 5D, but unusable with a small sensor camera like my 400D.