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This site was written with Flash, it has been rewritten in HTML(HTML5+CSS3). I tested it with Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Safari, beside Firefox, that I usually use. I managed to have the best possible appearence for this site on both. With IE 8 it is only readable. With an older version you should avoid...
If you think this site has aspect defaults, please check that your browser is up to date before writing me. Thank you.

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The site "Thierry Multi Services"closes. Only will remain the troubleshooting for cameras, as "volunteer" (think you will still have to pay the possible purchase of parts, and return by mail)

Cameras servicing

In July 2008, I started a blog on The goal was to share what I learned about photographic equipment (mainly Soviet), to tell some stories... It has a bit derived sometimes towards (bad) temper tickets.
I had understood that a blog is two way: unlike a website, readers can add comments. But I have to get used to the idea that I write for myself. In three years, three comments, two anonymous (one interest-free, the other off-topic!). So I give up...
Since I have the weakness to believe that some articles had an interest, I have reproduced them here.

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This is not a blog, it is not possible to add your comments, so please write me to give me your opinions, ask questions ... I will add in these pages interesting comments, or links to your sites (non-commercial, please)

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