February 2017: Horizont

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Voir texteWith the Start, Pierre sent me his HORIZONT panoramic camera for review. Main problem: the drive is hard and the film tears.
He found a very complete page devoted to the revision of these devices: KMZ Horizont Panoramic Camera Servicing, page to which I will refer for my operations.

Voir texteTo begin, I check the advance mechanism. Not much to report apart from maybe a misplaced puck. The film still tears.

Voir texteI noticed that the different axles involved in the film transport were quite difficult to turn. Some tiny drops of vaseline oil deposited with a syringe at the friction points, and the film advance is anew perfect!

Voir texteThe Horizont Revision page indicates a problem with the light-tight foam of the lens turret. It is therefore necessary to check it.

Voir texteEffectively, this foam is dead, it disintegrates and no longer does its office.

Voir texteI replaced with thick foam covered with felt.
You can see here: Le blog de Pierre Tizien the first images made with this freshly revised camera.