Adaptation of a release cable to the Photosniper

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Photosniper B200Here is the adaptation that I made for using the Photosniper with another camera than Zenit ES. Here with the Praktica B200, automatic aperture priority. This mounting is compatible with virtually all cameras with a cable release thread, provided that there is space enough between the base of the camera body and the butt for the passage of the cord.
I remade the assembly (improved ). Here is the explanation:

Déclencheur soupleIngredients:
A release cable(!)

Embout déclencheur soupleThis release cable comes from a double model. Advantage: it is adjustable.

Extrémité cordonAs the inside cable was broken, it is a little too short. It will therefore be necessary to shorten the cord. One trick before cutting: one drop of super glue to prevent the sheath to unravel .

Prise flash modifiée et tige filetéeI also prepared: an hollowed out flash socket (from a Praktica MTL), and a lead screw (M4) having a hole of 1 mm in the axis (Thank you Denis).

Montage cordon sur priseWhile looking for something to make up the difference in diameter of the cord, I came across this spring. Impeccable, it adds flexibility to my assembly. The whole is glued using super-glue.

Montage cordon sur priseIt will remain to fix the threaded rod on the small cable, after determining its exact location.

Crosse PhotosniperDisassembling the butt: remove the 8 screws I marked with red dots.

Platine crosseHere is the plate separated from the butt.

Photosniper B200Remove the part for connecting the Zenit body, and the shutter-release finger.

Photosniper B200And assemble in place the release cable. Testing remains to be done before gluing definitely the small cable into the threaded rod. When you press the trigger, the diaphragm must be closed first, then the light measurement should be done (automatic, aperture priority camera) before releasing the shutter. Once the bonding made, it may still be possible to play on the threaded rod, and the adjustable end of the cord.

Photosniper B200And voila!
Since there is little space between the base of the camera body and the outlet of the cord, my design has the advantage of being very flexible.
No part of origin has been amended (the diameter of the flash socket corresponds exactly to the hole of the plate), the handle can be returned in a few minutes to its original state.