Samantha's photo album

Hello! my name is Samantha.
I am a JESMAR* doll of 1995 (it's engraved on my neck. Would you like this kind of an identity document?)
I arrived at Thierry's home October 20, 2010, to serve as a model for photos. Thierry, he was not there, and I kept packed into my parcel until 30... strange beginning!
I have my original clothes but my shoes were lost.
Before, I was at Laurence's, who said nothing about me, except my name. Why not, for a new start?

Here it is, now I am a "top model", and this is my photo album!

vignette 2010/11/03: first session of pose

vignette Christmas 2010

vignette April 2011, on the way to the South

vignette April 2011, at Christophe's

vignette May 2011

vignette July 2011, my new cardigan

vignette September 2011, Puy Mary

vignette March 2012, sewing

vignette March 2012, portraits

vignette Wardrobe

vignette October 2012, Mont Ventoux

vignette August 2013, armchair and light clothing

vignette August 2013, shoe project

vignette Winter 2013-2014, sewing

vignette June 21, 2014, visiting Christine

vignette September 2014

vignette October 2014

vignette December 2014, sewing

vignette 2015

vignette August 2016

vignette September 2016

vignette Hat

vignette 2017

vignette October

*According to Wikipedia (Spain), JESMAR is a toy factory founded in 1946 in Biar, in the province of Alicante, Spain. JESMAR comes from the contraction of the names of creators, Jesús and María. The company permanently closed down in 2005.
If someone knows a little more about JESMAR, he can let me know...

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